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This was awesome. The art, the voice acting, the animation, the characters, the humor, and especially the star wars reference :D
I'm looking forward to see more of it.

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A lovely game idea, and neat art style.
But had some bugs, a few times I randomly fell through the ground.
Overall an fun game, definitely has potential.

Mantis1 responds:

Yeah, falling through the ground happens often when the game is running slowly. I made the game reset your character to the last wheel when that happens so *hopefully* it's not a big party pooper.

Thanks for the feedback, I agree about the potential. I'm currently working on a game that's stylistically similar! ;)

nice game

It make some fun but need Sounds and maybe some upgrade-funktions

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Even though it's cold outside this song brings me in sunny Californian streets driving around in my cabriolet why everything is low-res pixelated. Nice track *thumbs up*

johnfn responds:

pretty much yeah!

I liked it. It has potential.
Like the EiGiBeast said the drums need some editing, but the bass was there. It just needs maybe some distortion and a short white noise layer on the attack to give it some punch.
This could definitely be turned into a full beat. Nice work.

This is amazing.
Even though I'm not supposed to be here. I'll stay here just for the music.
Just hoped it would loop a bit better.
Anyway nice loop.

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for pointing that out Madze, fixed it now :).
Glad you enjoyed it!

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Nice work. I like the depth your coloration gives to the piece.
And ... wait is that a picture of Bojack in the background?

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